The Hip of Catching You

I kin to the lizard goat how silly of me I must be a bird brain, I thought that was why God put wings on my. I am a very rare bird indeed.

a sort of romance

This other contoured reality

where lips glide softly

across the tip of silence

and the heavenly nape

of a secret perfidy of time

that allows rickshaw laden streets

to umbrella with a perfect drizzle

of aligned diamond tears…

as the waves swell beneath

an overdue exploration

of light licentious fingertips…

this dance of surrounding water

indulges a curved image

of deep toned colors

snared through a thread

of a thousand postcard years.

This is the final post for this site. Thank you for following along…for entertaining the thought…for reading, liking…all of the much appreciated and valued commentary.

Although this is the final post for this site…I will continue to post and write here:

In addition I wanted to share this very surreal event in my life…my first published novel. I do hope you’ll be kind enough share this post. Many thanks:)

front cover_NL

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