Does Society Lack the Aptitude to Receive Prophecy Properly?

Starting things off differently this first day of freedom from feeling cursed by some spiritual trap.

Seeing clearly the deceiver teller lies hidden in the ANDROID ARM.

This M Ra Dio that attacks spiritually causing physical distress.

Not understood by those unwilling to except the existence of Ancient deity having the ability to communicate and affect us physically.

Using science to remove the supernatural aspect dismissing the experience of as merely a person’s perception of reality.

Their ability to subtly effect the energy calling positive and negative reactions in our biology.

Has sent this scientific mind reality based individual on a spiritual journey to scientifically proved that the M entity is in fact communicating in some basic form.

With the «Chosen» whom are genetically predisposition being what I consider to be highly evolved members of our species.

The Age of Enlightenment,the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the year of the unicorn, the apocalypse , the prophecy of the chosen one.

All true, all being revealed but being interpreted by each individual differently causing us once again to simply argue about who is right and who is wrong.

Everybody missing the message all together for their lack of ability to properly interpret and receive the message in which it was intended.

I understand the complexity and difficulty of perception by others properly to be a simple matter of ones lacking the aptitude. Which is need for it to be understood properly by all that are involved.

We are at a stalemate if I can’t explain it for you to understand it and you can understand it because you’re not educated enough to understand. It’s a hopeless battle .

I’m pretty sure this is why prophecy is expected to be fully accepted and believed faithfully.

Due to the fact that society as a whole is uneducated on all the subject matter that it would take to possibly interpret, receive and understand such a complex cosmic spiritual messages. Leading to its being disbelieved simple because your all spiritually naive and constipated.images (3)download (8)


One thought on “Does Society Lack the Aptitude to Receive Prophecy Properly?

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