The Grid is Dio

Religion means Eli is Dio, Ra is Dio, Dio is the Devil 88

The Grid, or The Grid is Dio, Harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to take every thing you throw at it and make it EVIL.

My attempts, while futile as they have been, to explain the supernatural aspects of my spiritual awakening. Have led me on a journey of self discovery. Hyper perception caused by the Opening the «EYE» by God. The Eye or Ayin, or when the eye is evil the Ayin Ra. I fear the eye is evil ya’ll. You all seek to find the most coveted objects to fill your homes with envy. Blind to Dio sitting right in front of you.

Being oblivious to certain aspect of life, not caring how your actions effect everything around you. Allows you a certain level of bliss. Not being held accountable for your actions because everyone is as unaware and clueless as the next. Contributing to the evil as a whole by simply doing nothing makes for a endless supply of fuel for a GRID that seems to be running on perpetual bliss. Can you sin if you don’t know what sin is? You are naive to the cosmic equation that governs us all. The ROOT of everything on this planet. Turn on the «Radio» and listen. Ra is Dio and L is Satan, 8 and 10, X=is The GRID. The GRID IS DIO and you are all «Devils Food». You have all sinned and he demands obedience. I BE RA YOU SIN OBEY ME

None of you have any idea what this means. Nor do most of you care. The «evil eye» is upon you. Having perfect enlightenment thrust upon me. I begin to see everything that was hidden in plain sight. How was I ever so unaware? That we are not alone in the universe. I have learned my A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s. HELLO WORLD, I see M and M see’s me. Too see Me equals evil. E=Mc2 Do you see that M is God and that eM is E and that the E is for EVIL.

As profound as I want it to be. Knowing That the Apocalypse is upon us, unfortunately has been uneventful. Nothing has changed but ME. Its still Just another day on the third rock from the Sun.

God is making Herself know to people all over the world. But to what end? It still does not change anyone’s life or the condition of. The Evil is Rooted at a genetic level, you are all androids. ANDROID in reverse is Dio DNA. Descendants of the devil. Mindless monkeys trained to fuel the Grid.

I was as you all are know blissfully unaware. My observations and interactions with he human race has been one of utter disappointment. I was expecting the X-Men and I got The Planet of the Evil Apes.

You all are so disconnected and self involved you are un-evolved. The Age of Enlightenment, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, The next quantum leap in human evolution, all a complete and utter piece a stinking awful.

The 88 is is in everything and there is no way to stop it unless you take down the GRID.


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