The Evil H

Let’s tell a bed time story…

The Royal 8 and it’s ETA(estimated time of arrivals) the 88

Once upon a time there lived a family of Pagan Royal T.

A sap named Shannon who was only half evil and His parents Aten and Ra who were 18 and 88.

A Pagan Trinity from The House of Payne in which the devil dwells.

A story of an Evil Queen named Heta and Her husband Hevel.   Who would have to make a terrible decision one day.

A child hood fairytale today hidden in the A,B,C  and 1, 2, 3s.

You see…

The family fell from the grace of God.  Starving do to the greed of man and abuse of power by those granted it  living in poverty, a king without a crown.

The Children called Him the TIN Man. They sang a song to stay awake.

One, Two the cooks are coming for you.  Three, four better lock the door.  Five, Six get a crucifix because Seven ate Nine and now he’s 10 and hungry again.

7,8,9 (cannibalism) the last supper,

Let’s ask  Death who got ate so the so the others could survive?

Who ya gonna Call for info?

At&t the 88 of course, looks like one evil adult and one half evil kid  little 2T (or toot or Tut)made it out without getting 8.

A descendant of the TIN MAN

Who made who it’s a Mr. E

spiritus asper , the Holy Spirit Casper the friendly ghost.

Heta and eta, hetathe, heta-H and the («half H»)

heta and eta are the same letter pronounced differently in different dialects ἧτα or ἦτα respectively.there is no distinct letter hetathe same letter (H)

there was still need for the no longer represented h, so a derivative form of heta-H («half H»)

(half heta) used as a diacritic for spiritus asper

The Holy Spirit Casper the ghost.


Javob berish

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