I Do Not Sin, Do You?

I was told by someone today that they did not Sin.

I said, «You don’t know what sin is». So how would you know if you have or not?

Before my spiritual enlightenment I considered the Bible the Word of God and the Seven Deadly Sins as sin.

The Bible has the serpents tongue hanging out of it, Christianize Satan comes from the Egyptian Aten.

Sin is now committed unknowingly when you Sync your electronic devices because they are considered to be evil. Sin is in everything, «it is in» contains SIN.

Society considers the taboo to be a Sin. Taboo is Kinky and means to be related to God.

Buddha was enlightened and Shiva danced in joy. Now Buddha is the Bad 8 and God cut off Shiva feet and Allah is a demon in Barack.

Having True enlightenment forced upon me by the Divine God, While all others seek it from within puts me in waiting.

Everything I have ever been told by the Church was based on 2000 year old lies. They are not teaching us to emulate Jesus and Glorify God. They have taught us how to hate and condemn souls to hell unless you convert and except JESUS as your Lord and Savior. Forcing people to do what you want with hate and fear.


We are Gods children regardless of what you are told or believe, born faithful.

Truth was murdered by Religion. The Faithful Pagan Murdered for refusing to convert.

Religion means Eli is Dio and Ra is Dio and Dio is the Devil.

I am the TRUTH for I am that Mans Kin.

Not all blessings are from God I guess, because the message reads:

The Devil demands obedience for the sin you bear, Payable on Death and he will not be denied.

God told me to warn you all before you get 8.

Blessed Be!

Don’t Be Evil and Wii TOS Off the Devil


2 thoughts on “I Do Not Sin, Do You?

Javob berish

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