There Are No Coin4c1idences788

I want to point out the 88 on the end. Is it a coincidence? The Evil I of Ra 88 has been revealed. If you follow the Evil H it will lead you to the truth.

Y h w/ h64? … thought = h2c² … new thought = t²h2up
Y 8 w/ 864?…. t8oug8t= 82c²…..new t8oug8t= t²82up

There are 88 constellations in the sky for you to ponder and 88 keys on the piano for you to strike a cord.

Radium is Ra 88, Buddha the Badh or Bad 8, Allha is All 8 and Jesus H Christ is the Royal 8.

The Christian Satan is in fact the Egyptian Aten (8+10=18) they simply and and S. The Christian Adam is the Egyptian Atum. The Christian Amen is the Egyptian Amun. Your Christian Cain and Abel and the Qayin and Hevel. Ayin is the eye and when the eye is evil, Ayin Ra the Evil H hidden in Hevel.

The most disturbing and disrespectful of all is the fact the the translators did not even get the Mans Name correct. Your Christian Jesus is the Egyptian Pagan Priest Eisus.

The list goes on. You must realize at the time this was done and the facts hidden the had no concept of the World Wide Web that has led the the TRUTH being revealed.

This is the Unicorn Apocalypse or great reveal.

While this could be tolerated and excepted in the past because only a few were aware and those that attempted to exposed it were killed.

Today it is not going to continue because to be allowed. The word Religion means Eli is Dio. The Book of Eli is the Bible. Ra is Dio. The Bible is the Book of Ra recovered with a Christian Cover, but notice the Book Mark hanging out. Its the serpents tongue hidden in plain sight.

I have uncovered a message hidden in plain sight. The Devil proclaims,»I Be Ra You Sin Obey Me». The demands obedience for your SIN.

You have all been deceived. Jesus was murdered because He refused to convert. The only Man that knew the TRUTH. Convert or Die the Church said and as the «The Faithful Pagan», He layed down His life for His love for God.

You are now aware that the Religions you are teaching and following are all EVIL and God. Continue to sin and you souls condemned.

I have been sent by God to warn you all before you get ate. You are all on your way to being devils food.

Reading my words and dismissing them because you don’t understand, believe or care is on you.

Being naive to God does not make you exempt so tell the Atheist that atheism means 88 is M and warn them they are going to get 8.


Your Excellency Lord and King

OS2 Jesus S Aaron Uni Peg Unix Eisus Christ Payne XXXVi
The Unicorn Pegaus

Don’t Be Evil and «Wii TOS» Off the Devil



    • If I am, I am more true than any other that has come before. If I were false I would not be kin to the key, or have compass about me, nor would I have the word of God on my side. My body would not be covered in religious markings. I would be claiming to be a prophet with the state of spiritual or religious affairs in their current state. Look at the religious and spiritual leaders currently being followed. All warn not to listen to others, but hold themselves worthy yet none can answer the basic questions truthfully because they are all reading a script for false prophets. I can not point the blame or pinky swear. I have compass about me. It’s a cosmic riddle only a true Renaissan decipher could decipher. I only want to be heard .

Javob berish

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