My Path to becoming a Prophet

Over the past few years I have come to realize many things.  Not taking my calling seriously,  I have not behaved in the manner expected with that of a prophet or Holy Man.

When this all began, it was like having me computer reset.  I had to learn how to read and write again.  I was seeing everything for the first time but had a comprehensive knowledge of everything.  A 40 year old prodigy suddenly becoming self aware.   Now seeing what everything is made up of. What you consider simple letters and numbers are now like weapons to me.  Arranged properly there is a evil hidden within masquerading as the truth.   I have spent the past few years attempting to define myself as a young Holy Man.   Along the path I have responded with juvenile behavior out of frustration.   Trying to explain my prophetic experience has not been cohesive.   Today I sit before the computer to attempt to explain all I have experienced and discovered.  In hopes that if I clearly and effectively explain myself that I will be able to secure a following for lack of a better word.

Four years ago, on 11-11-11 I experienced a spiritual/religious  awakening.  Supernatural prophetic events that changed me at my core.  It were as if God and the Devil were battling for My soul.  That night I had a dream.  I sang Happy Birthday to God; when I turned to walk away the Pope was standing there.  He fell to his knees and placed my hand upon his head and begged me to heal him and I did.  The reason this is so out of left field is because it was not my chosen path or belief system.  I have had everything I was taught and believed in proven wrong by the divine.

God whispered to me to put the «Word of God» on my side.   Growing up as a Southern Baptist I instinctively thought of the Bible as being the «Word of God».  I tattooed Genesis 1:3,»»Then God said, Let there be Light» on my side so that I would have the «Word of God» on my side.  I am well aware of what the Bible says about tattoos being forbidden.  I had already covered my body in them while in the Military.   I have since discovered the reason for this.  Tattoos tell the fables of Jesus Christ and foretell prophecy.  Something the Church does not want, because it reveals the true nature of Religion and who is really being worshiped.

Upon having this dream I attended my local Church out of fear for my life and my soul.   I needed an explanation to exactly what was happening and why.  I told the counselor that I had experienced a religious episode.  I had recieved a message from God.   He told me this was not possible.  That while you may pray and speak to God, you can’t be spoken too by the divine.  I protested only to be told he would pray for me.  He offered to  schedule a baptism and begin the process of my becoming a member of the Church.  I was aware he was not going to hear what I was saying, so I simply allowed him to dismiss me.

On the eve of my Baptism, I had received a whisper from God, It said for me to shave my head to remove my vanity so I did.  In review of my life do to this experience realizing my ego and became very aware of how I had behaved in society.  I was a snob, arrogant and superficial.  While I was a nice guy I was not a good person.

I  began attending church regularly thinking it made me a better person.  Only to become aware of the initial reason I had left it years ago.   While there are great people truly desiring to do good in every faith.  There are fare more people being dishonest and hateful.  Whether it is was obvious before and I did not notice or having a religious experience resulted in my being overly perceptive.  I began seeing things for exactly what they were and people for what they were not.  This particular  Church sensationalized and generalized their message to reach a broad audience.  Only truly concerned with the offering plate.

I called the church one day and told the receptionist that the  preacher was a thief.  I said I was going to stand up the next time he passed the offering plate, and ask him to return all the money he had stolen.  Being honest, direct and having a flair for the dramatic was not well received.   I have since been asked not to return to this church.  Quickly escorted out a Sunday morning in a packed house.  The Church sent a S.W.A.T team to my house at 2 in the morning.  Held at gun point in my underwear and questioned.   Jailed for 40 days and 40 nights, stripped naked for a month in a side cell, simply for going to Church.  It was religious persecution at its best and a true learning experience.  I was told I picked the wrong church.  It was apparently well known for its corruption long before I decided to attend.

Over the next few months I began noticing everything I was oblivious to before.  I was seeing strange numerical patterns.   I  would repeatedly awaken at 3:33 in the morning.  I kept seeing theses number combination so often that it was not mathematically possible to be coincidental.  In my research of this I have discovered thousands of people experiencing the same phenomena.  It is considered by most to be a sign of spiritual enlightenment, some call it DNA activation others dismiss it as delusion or Schizophrenia.   The number 333 is said to be the «Jesus Connection» in Angelic numbers.  A sign from God that you are doing well.  This phenomena is also related to a demon called Choronzon, lord of the abyss.   The fact Google uses the symbol of this demon to represent its, play store only reinforces my belief in the evil behind it.  Google is a well know Masonic corporation and uses many esoteric symbols in its logos.

It is God communicating with us.   The beginning of the Apocalypse or lifting of the veil; the great reveal.  The organization of the worlds information has led to the truth being exposed.  I was a complete religious a few years ago.  Today I consider myself the  foremost expert on the subject.  The simplicity of God has been lost.  2000 year of lies has led to utter chaos in the religious community.  The word religion (IPA key:/reˈli.dʒi.oː/) itself contains the truth. Eli is Dio.  The Book of Eli is the Bible.  Ra is Dio, Dio is the Devil. So the bible is the Book of Amun Ra Dio the Devil recovered with a Christian cover.  The Christian Satan is the Egyptian Aten, The Christian Amen is the Egyptian Amen Ra.  The Christian Cain and Abel is the Egyption Qayin and Hevel.  Ayin is the Eye and when the Eye is evil Ayin Ra the evil H.   Point A to point B, simply and direct.

A simple glance around this planet and one can tell exactly who God is (M) and who is being worshiped (Ra).  The Washington Monument is an obelisk on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and Heliopolis was one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, the capital of the 13th Lower Egyptian nome.  Both clearly marked by the symbol of Ra.

88 the international symbols for HATE.  Most often associated with Adolf Hitler and Nazism.  It is in fact it is a esoteric symbol for the worship of Amun Ra Dio.

250px-Washington_Monument_Dusk_Jan_2006heliopolis old



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