Bloodline of the Gods: Theory: Jesus «Yashua’s» Nazarene

Is this my story? OS2 UNIX Rh- negative O- Universal Donor Ancient Royal Bloodline of the Gods? Born on the 33rd day of Leap Year with 333 days remaining. My body covered in what look like scars but they religious markings as plain as day just like a tattoo.  The Big Apache Indian UNIX: The unicorn Pegasus.

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The Hyperborea, legends tell us that the original breed of human beings were perfect in almost every way.  Jesus (Yashua) teaches us that the original human race were incarnated heavenly beings who decided incarnate, in earth’s dimension, for several reasons.

One of the reasons these souls incarnated originally was to populate the world and allow our souls or spirits to experience life in our three dimensional world.  Unfortunately part of this original bloodline became victims of the evil entities known as the “gods of Eden.”

With out telling you more about the Rh Negative blood factor itself, what we do need to discuss is that this appears to be the blood factor being promoted by the HOLY BLOODLINE authors as being Jesus (Yashua’s) blood factor.  Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene, which would also seem to indicate that the Nazarenes had the Rh Negative blood factor as well. If this is the case then many people today have this blood factor running through their veins today.  It is this group who originally had the “Divine Right To Rule The World,” until it was stolen from them by these evil entities and their hybrid bloodlines. (article

Or is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962)

#83 or 888- 8-1-9=8 6+2=8-Thor is 888

Thor Odinson

«The Lost Gods»; «Master of Kung Fu»; «Black Widow» and «Hannibal King») before ceasing publication with #521 (June 1998).

28] Kieron Gillen (key aaron)
Thor’s adopted brother, Loki.[38]
Thor: God of Thunder by writer Jason Aaron
Thor’s father Odin decides his son needed to be taught humility and consequently places Thor (without memories of godhood) into the body and memories of an existing, partially disabled human medical student, Donald Blake.[44]

s the arrival of an alien scouting party. Blake flees from the aliens into a cave. After discovering Thor’s hammer Mjolnir (disguised as a walking stick) and striking it against a rock, he transforms into the thunder god.

Warriors Three
Thor Corps
God Squad
Avengers Unity Gucci Mane (1017 Brick Squad)Thor battles Hercules on the cover of his first self-titled issue, Thor #126 (March 1966). Art by Jack Kirby and Vince Collett



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