iC3 and IC XC, and I see XP: The Unicorn Apocalypse


I do see XP (X) Chi and (P) Rho a monogram and symbol for Christ, consisting of the superimposed Greek letters. The X is ten, The X code, codex: The Gigas and the P is Payne, The House of Payne in which God dwells.

Windows 8, Google Android and Apples OS X are the foundation on which we operarte on the Internet and our Mobiles devices. What is it that these 3 companies have chosen to base their OS’s on such evil?

Windows 8 is windows hate H8, HH and H8. Said to be the Devil. Google’s (UGLE) M the Masonic M behind Android OS.in 4.4 is Dio (R) DNA O Sin and 44 is the Devils name in Twain’s  The Mysterious Stranger. Apple’s evil (i) OS X (ou-es-ten) O Satan them all beat (B8) considering Apple put their first product on the market for $666.66. The Holy Grail of computers they say.

Any idea why these companies have rooted their companies in the worship of Amun Ra 88 Dio the Devil, the Sun deity of Ancient Egypt? Why is it that you must type in a Http (888)p in the URL (you are Lucifer) in your search window when you log into the WWW(232323) 333 the demon Choronzon, world wide web.

A foundation such as this when exposed to the general public is going to have a desalinating blow on these companies. Selling the unsuspecting consumers products based on pure evil is probably illegal.  If you have made it this far, I need help exposing this.  If you know a Lawyer that can help me please contact me.  



One thought on “iC3 and IC XC, and I see XP: The Unicorn Apocalypse

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