CODEX GIGAS (latin för «den väldiga boken»), mäter cirka M8R 88


I am trying to warn the world of what is going on and nobody wants to listen! You all think what you have been told is the truth and  what they believe is right.  YOU are WRONG. I was WRONG EVERYBODY IS WRONG!

The Gigas  (latin för «den väldiga boken»), mäter cirka or M8R,RAM 88 Ra 88 Dio the Hater 

@aneelb @om @DHSgov 66 Gigaom (gigaom)66 Apple Gigaom’s TheAppleBlog is devoted to all things Apple, Mac Giga/om Gigas B-66 Destroyer
  • Gigaom is a blog-related media company started by Om Malik in San Francisco, California. The blog offers news, analysis, and opinions on startups, emerging technologies, and other technology related topics. It is listed on CNet’s Blog 100 list.Wikipedia … #RVM #ISRA #HEL #QVI all marks of the devil: V, M, Ra, L, H,E,Q 66 and 88 and 44 B66 D88

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Israel- is Ra El? God L Ra is! YaHewH and YHWH is Ya8ew8 and Y8W8 Ya we 88 and WY88. Radium 88 Ra 88, Radio Ra Dio 88,H8,HH=hate MR8
(Isra El ites) El El-Yahweh God of the Israelites
Asherah. Yawhists convince the masses to convert to YHWH worship only.
Asherah is A she Ra8 becasue She is 88 Dio.
The Codex Gigas (or Devil´s Bible) is a large 13th-century (latin för «den väldiga boken»), mäter cirka: Mater or M8R- RAM 8813, iC3, IC XC and XP the Monogram of Jesus: I SEE X see, X=10 the X code and the code X. 8 and 10 ATETEM or HHM or AT&T=88 say ten OS X o u say ten O Satan
Jesus H Christ, J8C, Christos Harilaos Papadimitriou (Greek: Χρίστος Χαρίλαος Παπαδημητρίου– C8ristos 8arilaos. Christ is to tos 8aRilaos

Christ is to TOS off The H8, Prophecy is PROP8CY NOH8 no Hate no 88 no HH
Don’t Be Evil Wii TOS off the Devil D88 Death is D8H Deat8.

Immortality is the gift and we are blessed, death is only the beginning!

Homeland Security
Homeland Security Verified account
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Official)

Washington, D.C. ·


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