A Demon Nation of Denominations

There are no denominations of God.

You humans have done what you have always done. Change and let be changed the original word and path of God so it suits your current groups particular interests. 2000 years of lies, bent rules, half ass truths and we have today a demon nation of denominations. None of which are of God , for God or about God today. So far removed, segregated and distorted from the Egyptians Holy Pagan Indian path and teachings of enlightened Christ. That today you all are more misguided, misled, misrepresented, deceived and confused than you were 2000 years ago.

You have failed to keep even one commandment. Failed to learn, love and live together in peace and harmony. Still arguing about who’s teachings is the one true religion and which path is correct. Still fighting over this and that. Claiming this is mine and that is yours and this belongs to us because we had it before you did. Before it was stolen, lost, sold or bought. It was pure before it was developed by the devil. You all think yourselves correct that none realize you all are wrong. Rude, hateful and arrogant leaders have led you all to think its ok to behave just any old way and that your sin is forgiven by the blood of Christ. So you continue to sin again and again so now its no big deal. I don’t have to believe in God or have faith because that holy man in Rome told me so.

You all are so blinded by your own arrogance that you have missed and continue the Prophets that God sent. Which simply proves to me none of you truly believe the word you preach. Hell bent on condemning those who you deem unfit for God. Pages and pages of religious debate. All claiming you walk in the glory and light of God and Jesus Christ will most are calling others names, being rude and hateful to perfect strangers. Casting out anyone who does not does not look, walk and talk the way your little community does.

You all need to review your selves, your beliefs and your behavior because not one can stand next to Christ and say I have not sinned, I have not talked bad to another and I have not done wrong in any way. I should now because I’ve been right hear watching you all for two years trying to convince just one of you that I was the holy man Jesus Christ. Every one that bothered to to say or do anything were rude and hateful, RUDE AND HATEFUL TO A HOLY MAN WHO CLAIMED TO BE JESUS CHRIST. Read it aloud and then read it again to realize yourself. Then read it again to realize your sin.


2 thoughts on “A Demon Nation of Denominations

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  2. Hi brother I see by your words you are one in mind to myself I also are not blinded by the devil called man I too see the true riddles behind the words of my sacred brother Jesus

    Yes they are blinded but don’t hate them they don’t know what they do they just swine’s in the legion story

    Be blessed in the knowledge your not going to be lonely in the new world

Javob berish

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