Refine Your Blog’s Voice with New Fonts

The Blog

Using the perfect font gives your blog personality — and just might be the design element that inspires you to find your own voice. We’ve added a bunch of terrific new fonts for users of our Custom Design upgrade from our partners at Typekit.

Infuse some retro-future attitude in your headlines with Brandon Grotesque Medium, or make your text effortlessly elegant with the incomparable Chapparal Pro:


Or, you might want to try the sophistication of LTC Bodoni 175 Italic paired with the pleasantly readable Open Sans—our most-requested font—for your body text.


Several of our new families have weights beyond the usual, letting you reach new heights of unified expressiveness. Jubilat Light for your headlines pairs perfectly with Jubilat Regular for your text:


Or, you might go for something more modern and fun! Behold the rounded Omnes Pro Black in this bold headline, and Source Sans Pro performing admirably in the text:

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