«Anonymous OS»Release their own OS and this OS is Live/eviL


Anonymous has released is own OS, Anonymous OS is Live is an Ubuntu based distribution 11.10 and used Mate-desktop (M8) and let you create
(CR8) the Live USB with Unetbootin.  While I am big on Ubuntu for its definition which means:

  1.  is a Nguni Bantu term (literally, «human-ness»») roughly translating to «human kindness»; in Southern Africa (South Africa and Zimbabwe).

    Hacker news was kind enough to link us to the download page of Unetbootin. Where we get plenty of options to sin with Windows 8 (Hate), The Lying Linux or Mac OS X (o u es ten) O U SATAN downloads. What I am attempting to reveal to the unsuspecting average consumer is the malicious intent of these little free SOB’s fro Free SBD.

    You must be aware this is a holy war between angles and demons (daemons) as they prefer to say and X and 8’s  marks the spot of Satan. X is ten and 88 is hate and can be read or said as Aten or 8ten as in the Egyptian Pharaoh Aten and Amun Ra 88 X all signifying the devil while trying to claim to be God and good rather then evil and sin.

    We will start with Fedora because to be it meant be a Fed or Ra but after further research it was just Federallies cause the Fed’s are just as guilty as the devil.  Fedora fights for software freedom and when you go to join them your partners is RedHat. Know I’m going ot show you what you just got yourself in to if this was your first option.

    .Redhat is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux-based operating system 3388 and red hot hate 88 Ra Dio the Devil and R HEL and that’s where you go HELL, becasue you have signed a contract with the Devil.

    The is a long list of options from Free BSD who say you have the power to serve the devil.FreeBSD

  2. There is ZenEdu and when you Zen you do E and E is Evil.  Just ask Einstein E=MC2 or as I have to call the loon E in Satan for Stein is Satan in German O Saint Ten. His relativity theory was simply reverse psychology.  Make them think your a funny Genius when your Evil dumb ass.  E=MC2 is to see ME or 2C M=E. To see M, the Masonic M is the (UGLE) M in Google Mail and the (UGLE) is Google GLE and to see that M is E is to see that M is Evil indeed.  They will say that I am ME and you are Wii and that my DNA makes me E.  
  3. Lets be clear on this. My DNA makes Me the Son of Man an Angel sent by God to end the Hate the 88 Which is the OS in Android 4.4 and OS X Satan code x because the DOS in DOS do sin and evil and you have sat year for 2 years denying me my birthright.  Letting Devil run rapid on this planet all because you don’t have faith in God anymore and don’t believe the word that your holy unholy church leaders preach.
  4. I could go on for hours about the evil I see that you are unaware of or simply do not care.  I suggest you OPEN your EYES people because currently your all going to burn in hell because you have been lied to by the devil and the Church or the C8urC8 the hate of God.


Solar winds software offers Unexpected Simplicity to secure your network with:SYN BAD HN Q313 ore as I call it: sin bad Satan 8n.


Don’t Be Evil and Wii TOS off the Devil!



Jesus Christ



Javob berish

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