The Tree of Life is dying and Hotah is tasked by the great ancestors to save it.

The Tree of Life is dying and Hotah is tasked by the great ancestors to save it.
To save the tree, Hotah must capture the powers of nature and thereby heal the tree. The baby boy name Hotah is of Native American origin. Hotah meaning, Hotahpopularity, Hotah hieroglyphics, Hotah numerology, and other interesting facts.The name Hotah is of Native American Sioux origin.

The meaning of Hotah is «grey or brown».

In the U.S. in 2012 less than 5 boys given the name.    Less than 5 girls were given the name. 


View the Hotah Popularity Page to see how the popularity trend for Hotah has changed since 1880, or to compare the popularity of Hotah to other names.

Naming a child in the Native American culture is a sacred event only to be performed by the wisest in the group, the elders. Because of the level of ritual that it is given, Native American names are considered especially significant and powerful.

Children are often named after something that appears in nature, a personality trait or their perceived destiny.

Some examples include Ooljee (Navajo name for «moon»), Weayaya (Sioux name for sunset), Ohitekah (Sioux word for brave), Abequa (Cheyenne name for «someone who stays at home»), Lomahongva (Hopi name for «rising beautiful clouds»)



Hieroglyphs were called «the words of the gods» (mdju netjer) by the Egyptians and were used mostly by the priests. These beautifully drawn symbols were used to decorate the walls of holy sites and temples but not for day to day transactions.

Most online translators translate letter for letter which is not always the most accurate translation.

Modern language names and words should be translated into hieroglyphics based on their sound rather than their spelling as some of the letters may be silent or actually sound like other letters.

Please refer to the rules in the table below for an accurate translation. We have tried to incorporate many of these rules into our translator. If you want to print out the result and are getting an inaccurate translation, try change the spelling of the name you enter based on the rules below.

Letter Symbol Sound
A Vulture Short A; cat, bar, father
A Arm Long A; bake, pail, make, way, hey
B Leg bat
C Folded Cloth (no symbol use S) Soft C; mice
C Basket (no symbol use K) Hard C; cat
Ch Tethering rope child
D Hand dog
E Reed (no symbol use short I) Short E; egg, pet, earn
E Two reeds Long E; reed, be, bleach, mary, radio
F Horned Viper fish, phone, tough
G Snake Soft G; judge, gym
G Jar stand Hard G; grape, girl, ghost
H Twisted flax or shelter her, who
I Reed Short and Long I; him, hide
J Snake Hard English J; jump (German J – Y sound in English, spanish J – H sound in English; use Y or H)
K Basket kite, pick, kid, technology, clique
Kh Placenta Like Scotch ‘Loch’
L Lion (no symbol use form of R) lake, lead, bell
M Owl mother
N water Nile
O Lasso or Quail Chick (no symbol use form of W) Long O; coat, rose, sew, mow, boat
O Hawk Short O; dog, tall, all, shawl, daughter
OO Reed and Chick food, rude, blue
OO Quail Chick too, book, push
P Mat (for stool) pin
Q Slope (hillside) form of K; clique
Qu Basket and Chick Q+U sounds like K+W so use those symbols; quick, quiet
R Mouth run
S Folded cloth Soft S; sit, nice rats
S Door bolt Hard S; days, fission, measure, zinc
Sh Pool shape
T Loaf of bread tiger, thyme
Th Hand (no symbol use D) or Cow belly? Soft Th; this, that, thumb
Th Loaf of bread (no symbol use T) or Placenta? Hard Th; think, math, the
U Quail Chick Short U; cut, about, ugly
U Reed and Chick Long U; cute, rude, food, blue
V Horned viper (no symbol use F) vine
W Quail Chick win, wind, what, cow
X Basket and Folded Cloth K+S; fox, fix
Y Reed Hard Y; yellow, crayon, yes
Y Reed Y like I; fly, gym, byte
Y Two Reeds Y like long E; ready, mary
Z Door bolt zebra, dogs, xylophone



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