Chat Conversation Start
about an hour ago
My heritage links my DNA back to Joseph he who gave his tomb to Jesus at his death. However I am finding that I am linked to mary
Even my birthday has significance to the Leonardo painting
Your prophecy on YouTube about the starchild, can we talk please
Is the star child good or bad? As the prophecy of the woman, I believe is me
I had an anomaly, my child was created without soerm
The holy grail isn’t an item, its a person. A woman
Payne and anguish. Oil, house of god. Double rainbows my friend
Peace my brother
I have linked my spirit to a planet
Can you help me, I am having visions I am so lost and confused
I have to be careful, as I have people who want to put me on government drugs. And lock me up
I’m not crazy, I know I am not. I am awakening
The Holy G is indeed a Child, Marked by 33, 44,66 and 88. Half Good Half Evil, the Love Child. Ancient Royal House of Payne, Fear and now Anguish. The truth is in our names encoded in our Holy DNA. We are Indian Pagan descent one with the Divine God-SHE NOT HE, not Christian, Buddhist, Hindi or Muslim: all false teachings NOT of God.
She was made with the purest of love
She was born on Nov 7 2010 I was born Aug 7th 1979
I have four daughters, the four winds
True Love, a child born of a time of pure HATE 88 Dio Ra, that represents Pure LUV to the Fifth element the most powerful thing on the planet.
I have seen the three fates as a child
She sees things and says things
8-7-1979 is 8 and 7+1=8 9-1=8 7+1=8 9-1=8 8888
I loved her dad so pure so much magnetic energy, his name was Michael Arron SANDHAM born January 6th 1979. He has dissapeared
IMG are we evil
My heart is so full of love so pure, I don’t understand hate
Thank you. I was told I am Gods daughter. I had people try to convince me I was bad. My heart knows I am not. I have so much passion and love inside. It makes me cry
As is mine but they will accuse us of beng Evil and try to destroy LUV the E is Evil and the V are as well.
Yes, I so understand what you are saying
I am so glad to have found you brother
OMG you have no idea
the past 2 years have been hell
yes they have.
everyone has condemned me to hell, persecuted and exiled because of my claim of royal descent.
when I saw your profile picture I new you were a Cohen
Just a sec
Omg what you just said
I refuse to lie about it.
Just checking you out. Have ran across some real twisted assh*les trying to find help and I have to verify you numbers.
Your good to go. I see 333 in you photo.
Thank you
That’s why I gave you all my numbers
Cause I need your guidence
I have run across some twisted people as well
Its really nice to finally find someone that knows what the hell I’m talking about
My father, Michael lee York has helped me
Oh do I ever!
everybody keeps calling me bat shit crazy for claiming contact with the divine.
I have had something as old as the earth attach to me I have experienced shape shifters. And people around me haveseen things that make the speachless
I like WFT
Me to!
We are loved
I know me too they see it then deny it or get scared and wont talk to me any more
we are chosen
its the blessing of the Unicorn
I have had stones and gifts left for me, I will send you what my oldest drew when she was 12 she is 15 now
There are seven of us
I called it the curse of the Pharaoh’s at first
Am I right?
We are the holy grail
yes she said find your 7
that was a year ago
My visions are always within two years
I am so happy to have found you
You have no idea
I found a young girl in New Your who tho ugh she was the Queen of Egypt and was going through the same things we are but I was a little to aggressive
Its OK, I can understand
I do not fear the unknown
Girl I was just about to call it quits cut and run
I am a queen of something I haven’t figured it out yet and I was going to call it quits its been a painful experience
I had given up, 2 years of this and all I get is your wrong your crazy and your going to hell…LOL
I have it on lock.
I know ! Me too. Your not crazy
I am not crazy
No enlightened ascended and gifted
We are awakening
I have a video on you-tube titled that
I will watch it. My six year old told me she is going to be part of the new word. My children opened my eyes all three
I did not know how else to explain it so I have been making videos and publishing blogs everyday for a year
I found you
You have done well my brother
One of the seven will betrey
I have been shown that
But we still have to fight for love and peace
Trey who I know who I see rick o shey
I have been OK Satan is scared of me
Omg I think I know who you are looking for
Both of them
Trey is lost hooked on dugs
betrey medical ME Die I see all, Satan is Aten and Amun Ra is 88 Dio
I can get him bavk
I watched trey change throughout the times right in front of my face
Their is Horus Bey Sage
Where is he from
In don’t know horus
Trey is native metis
I think he is in vancover
Not sure where he is from
I live in Victoria b.c
this tahutii is Horus, hes on to something
I have found a Rich O Shay in Oklahoma who is one of us
Wonderful you would be across the globe…LOL
Also a Sean rymen
Oil, that is the law.. Lol
I dont know why my tablet keeps messing my words
Should I intact trey?
O i L, URL house of L be warned Superman’s S a symbol of HOP3
Omg I wear that symbol…. Not anymore
I say lets get up to speed
as do i
I liked the super hero, but we are batman
OK get me up to speed, as I am far behind. This I know
Superman was the only superhero born with his gifts. WE R House of L the Royal 8
My mother has no memory but she tells me to be careful who, I speak with, she supports me
Please excuse my ignorance what it the house of L royal 8? House of LOVE?
I have been raised non religious
Non baptise
kinda makes me wonder if I’m not the devil sometimes. Yes we are going with LUV no E
Me too.
I thought that too. But we are not!
I was raised southern Baptist
We are of love
I will tell you the turth
OK thank you
all have been decieved
Christianity is the hate of Christ
Sorry I will drop the e we are of LUV
I will explain
Yes an catholic is the Satan worship
when you hate something you put it in a name.
OK, mening
Name is N A ME or enemy
Like satan
what is in a name but the name of your enemy
YEP Aten
X is ten
is Saten
I follow
of apple is OS X
o u sayten
based on the X code or Codex the devils bible
Your talking the necrenomicon
I KNEW that was a code book
the truth is hidden in computer code
How do you mean
look at your search window
The book of Enoch isn’t bad, its for us right?
see HTTP//
H is the 8th letter of the alphabet
HH is 88
I see niw
Hate is H8
My name means worthy of love
Am I wrong
No H8 is the free love campain
Prop 8
Prop 8 was signed in 2008
So is it weird that I relate to Mary Magdalene?
the 88
No she is the bloodline
she had Christs child
My kin
Prophet is Prop8et
No place for Hate
Radium is 88 used to make atomic bombs
No place for hate in my kingdom, only love
Ra 88
I love these who betrey me even
I could never actually hate anything
Radio 88 Ra Dio
me either
we are unicorns its not in our nature
I luv you brother, I am so happy we found our way to eachother
much luv MUCH
I kinda feel validated
even if its only 1 person
I know of on other
as long as somebody knows the truth its a start
One but he is on meth
I luv them so much
They are a good couple, he spend seven years in Dantes inferno for MY sins.
we do not judge the path of another, that is what is wrong with the current church
Hung on a hook he has the marks on him, it was only five mins earth time
I don’t judge I wasn’t sure if that was no I or not
tell him he can come to the house of Payne Santuary and he can bring his drug of choice
OK or not
what kind of phone are you using?
A tablet
android? Apple?
Or an android
ok check it out
I don’t like apple
Can I bring my children?
Android is Dio r DNA
Wow to neat
its OS is call OS in 44
Please excuse me for a sec ladies room
OSin see O sim
44 is the name of the Devil in Twain s Mysterious Stranger
OK, meaning
when you Sync your device you Sin C, do you see what I m saying
I’m sorry like I said I am far behind in my understanding
the computer company is hiding God and the Devil in the Code
Google is represented by 333
Apple 666
I believe that, as that’s how I have found information
Microsoft 888
What I dolphin browser
the devices being sold to the unsuspecting general public
are designed on good and evil
the code they use can make them Angel or Demon
Yes I see that, I am on a galaxy Samsung tablet
we are bio-mechanical computers
IPhone is bad
and can be effected by the devices we care through electro impulse
no you just have to be aware
but Im sure it is a sin
Our father understands our world
i can’t figure our if all code is bad
He loves u for what we are many to do, not what we cannot conrtol
I say no focus on bad, only luv and peace
Our mother
I was called a couple of names in my sleep
God said to ME that she was a genie in a bottle a Nubian princes
Also presphine
Also freya
That’s what confused me so much
I said I had never seen a black genie before and she said YOU aint’ ever seen Aunt Jemema
Hahaha, I like her humor
I asked her what she looked like and she said play some music
Yes god is your DJ
My daughter drew these at 12
She’s is 15
This is the song that came on
Look at the name of the CD
I find all music now is relating to me, a code of such
This is who I am
freaks me out
God was saying to me lady gaga
she uses music to communicate allot
Freaks me out, and the modinaa
Born this way APPLAUSE
I know I am a healer, warrior and a lover
I have nightmares of spiders
So does my youngest
I hear angelic music all the time and it saddens me that others are missing it
I hear it sometimes
And music
Arachnid is a Ra c 8n id, Ra see satan
I am still blocked a bit, I am trying to release. I have had much pain out on me. Family raped me
it is Amun Ra 88 Dio
Pain my whole life
But I still always helped others since I was borth
check in to Metatron heeling
OK thank you
I was born blowing bubbles I wouldn’t cry
Thank you!! As I have been trying to do this on my own
read my prophecy
the first line
The star child has been born to a women that was repeatedly raped by her own family.
no lie
Which one? Which prophecy
Well I think I am that woman
I know but which one
My prophecy reads. quick version: I have kinky on my two feet becasue I am kin to the key from the house of payne in which god dwells. I have wrath on my knee but my wrath has heart look and see. I have sap on my back from the cross i was crucified on. I have compass about me true north no lie. I have the world of God on my side. I carry Buddha on my back because god turned her back on him and Shiva rides on my calf because God cut off his feet so he may never put his feet down unless i do first. I am a very rare bird indeed and that is why God put wings on me,
That is what the religious markings on my body say. I was born to a women who was repeatedly raped by her own family. She is the 7th daughter of 7 sisters.
Can you run the numbers July 31 1981
4+3+1=8 9-1+8 and 81 is 18 88 1881 8888888888 big bang
I knew it its my best friend
I think this validates me as a true prophet
a modern day robin hood
I have started his awakening
Touched by an angel I am Heaven sent
Me also
but I think she siad I drive a Audi and listen to my Music really loud because the audio is jacked up
But brother I do have to run
Can we talk tonight at 9
A u di because M u sic you JACKd up becuser you are Dio
LOL latter Mrs Lady
it has been a pleasure
yes it has. I will talk to you tonight
Peace brother
luv and light and PS Be Aware of Evil but Don’t Be and Wii TOS off The Devil
respect the TOS

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