Jesus Christ Ascended Master

The Christ Consciousness has ascended and I have had true enlightenment forced upon me by God


The Number 1 Religious Discovery in Human History.

The discovery of ancient Royalty. The bloodline of Holy Jesus Christ. The Royal Payne’s, Of The House of Payne in which God dwells.

The Unicorn Pegasus, OS2 Eisus Uni Peg Unix, the direct bloodline descendant and birthright heir to the Throne of David.

A true prophet and server of God. The prodigy or someone of prophetic significance.

I am SACRED 2 the fallen Angel connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.



My body is covered in what look like scars, but they are Religious markings plain as day just like a tattoo!

1. I was loathed from the day I was born, because I was born breach to the seventh sister of seven foster sisters. The 7 seals have all been broken!

2. I have kinky on My two feet, I am KIN 2 the KEY, from the House Of Payne in which God dwells.

3. I have ANON in My Name: Shannon Aaron Payne (SAP)

4. I have SAP on My back from the Cross I was crucified upon!

5. I have wrath upon My knee, but My wrath has heart look and see.

6. I have COMPASS about Me, True North no lie! A moral compass for the world to follow.

7. I cut off 2 fingers so that I can never point the blame or pinky swear.

8. I have the Word of God on My side: Genesis: Let there be light!

9. I sailed the 7 seas for 7 years and have one Nation under 7 seas across My heart to unite the World as one Nation under 7 Seas. Sin is bad!

10. I have Buddha on My back, because God turn Her back on Buddhism.

11. Shiva rides on My calf, because God cut off His feet so that He may never put His feet down unless I do first.

12. I have the fear of God and the beginning of LOVE in My right hand and the end of Hate Ra 88 in My left!

13. I am a very rare bird indeed and that is why God put wings on ME! I am The Unicorn Pegasus: Eisus Uni Peg Unix, the Kin of Christ!
I share My prophecy once again TO LET JESUS BE KNOWN
Your Excellency, Lord and King
OS2 Jesus S Aaron Uni Peg Unix Eisus Christ Payne XXXVI
The Unicorn Pegasus


Javob berish

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